Building Inspections

istock-photo-constructionMNSpect, Glencoe’s building inspector is now holding office hours locally
Thursday mornings beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the City Center making it more convenient for the public to stop in and get their building permit questions answered.  Please feel free to stop in Thursday mornings or call
ahead to schedule an appointment!

The City of Glencoe has a building permit application process to ensure through our contracted inspectors that the new construction of buildings within the City meets standards as regulated by the Minnesota State Building Code. These codes ensure that the buildings are safe and pose no risk to the public’s welfare. MN SPECT, Inc. works with homeowners and contractors to ensure that residential homes and commercial buildings meet the required safety guidelines. MNSPECT can be contacted at (952) 442-7520 or (888)-446-1801.
Building Fee Schedule Effective April 1 2014
Glencoe Bldg Permit
Glencoe Mech Permit
Glencoe Plg Permit

Permit applications can be picked up at Glencoe City Offices for:
New home construction
2.  Finishing basement
3.  Remodel
5.  Detached garage and accessory buildings
6.  Additions
7.  Sediment and Erosion Control (SEC)

Commercial Projects-
Glencoe Comm Mech 2 app

Glencoe – Commercial Plumbing Permit and Plan Review app 2015
Commerical General Scope of Work-Roofing, Siding, Windows, Doors
All commercial projects require a permit application with three sets of plans. All plans are reviewed by the building inspector. 

General permits are issued over the counter for the following projects:
1.  Re-roof  Roofing – residential info 2015
2.  Re-side  Siding – residential info 2015
3.  W
indow Replacement for same size openings  Window Door – 2015
4.  F
5.  U
tility sheds(less than 200 sq. ft.)
6.  M
echanical permits for change outs of furnace, air conditioning units
7.  P
lumbing permits for water heater change outs, lawn sprinkler systems with 1″ meter installation.
Click here to view additional building permit information.