Mark Larson
City Administrator
(320) 864-5586
Deb Rolf
City Clerk
(320) 864-5586

The City Administration department is led by the City Administrator, who plans and directs the administration of the City to ensure that efficient municipal services are provided and adhere with City Council objectives. The City Administration staff serves as liaison to Mayor and City Council advising them on all significant matters and presenting all items which require Council action or approval, and prepares agendas and support information for City Council meetings. The City Administrator is the chief executive officer of the city and is responsible for the overall management of city operations.

Functions of the City Administrator include:
-Implement policy decisions and legislative actions as directed by the City Council
-Make recommendations to the City Council on the business of the city and policy considerations
-Oversee the operations of the City, delivery of services, and determine performance
-Assure that the laws, ordinances, and resolutions are enforced within the City
-Prepare the city budget and oversee financial operations
-Serve as liaison for the City Council to state and local organizations
-Oversees the Finance, Public Works, Community Development, Police and Fire Departments and ensures that each department provides effective service to the public.
-Responsible for effective recommendations in areas of policies, planning, administering community services, community development, public safety, administrative services, financial planning, and human resources.
-Responsible for communications and public relations to the news media and people in the community through the City’s website, newsletter and various other methods of communication.