Reserve Officers


In addition to our regular compliment of licensed Peace Officers, the Glencoe Police Department also utilizes a volunteer Police Reserve Unit.  These Reserve Officers assist the Glencoe Police Department and the City of Glencoe participating in a number of programs and services.

The Glencoe Police Reserve is compromised of volunteers from several communities around the Glencoe area.  The Reserves assist the Glencoe Police Department in serving the needs of the community.  They are citizens who have an interest in law enforcement and want to participate in the community.

The Reserves participate in many events and volunteer many hours to the community.  They are highly trained citizens which respond when called in times of emergency and non-emergency situations.  The Reserves contributed over 1700 hours of service in 2012 worth over $37,053.

The Reserves participation includes, but is not limited to the following:

Glencoe Days, Glencoe Days Parade, football games, high school graduation, prom, ride-a-longs, traffic control, provide security, court testimony, National Night Out, training, kid print, search and rescue and park patrol.

The Glencoe Police Reserve Unit is a vital part of the police services that we are able to offer to the community.  As such, we are always looking for quality individuals to become part of our team.  Don’t think that just because you’re not interested in becoming a Peace Officer that we aren’t interested in you, we are!  Many of our current and past members have no desire or intention of going on to become a full time licensed Peace Officer; they wanted an opportunity to serve and get involved.

In addition to the programs and services outline above, our Reserve Officers are given opportunities to participate in extensive training programs that covers many aspects of law enforcement.  These opportunities are designed to be fun, challenging and give you the knowledge to do your job as a Reserve Officer in the most effective way.

Reserve Officers are required to attend a monthly meeting and log 120 hours of service each year.

If you have a desire to serve the community as a Reserve Officer, please contact Police Reserve Secretary Michelle Scheidt at or Captain Wyatt Bienfang at