Current Projects

The drawing above is the exterior rendering of proposed multi-family apartment homes.

Helen Baker Redevelopment Project

The City of Glencoe is currently vetting a potential redevelopment project for the Helen Baker school site.

The project consists of a market rate apartment complex of 98 units built in two phases. The developer has indicated that 50 unites would be built in phase one and another 48 units would be built in phase two. Although there is no firm timetable, the developer is estimating that phase two would be complete within three to five years of the first phase being complete.

Additionally, the plan includes developing 8 single family patio-home lots at the southern edge of the property along 16th Street. The developer estimates construction costs for both phases of the apartment to be $10,000,000.

The developer is seeking assistance with the site redevelopment and storm sewer components of the project. Those redevelopment costs are estimated to be roughly $762,250. To accomplish this request, the City of Glencoe would acquire the property and lead the redevelopment activities. Once redevelopment of the site is completed, the property would then be sold to the developer.

The City of Glencoe recently submitted a purchase agreement to the Glencoe-Silver Lake School (GSL) District, which includes the district contributing financially to the above mentioned redevelopment costs. This proposal is currently being considered by the GSL School Board. It should be noted that the City of Glencoe is proposing to create a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, which would allow for the redevelopment costs to be recouped by the City of Glencoe and the GSL School District.

Click here to see the conceptual site plan. Please note this is not the final design. It is simply a concept plan submitted by the developer as to the potential layout of the proposed housing project.